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Visual CD 4.20

It creates catalogs of disks automatically indexing your media storage content

Most of the time we use discs to create backups, and if some hardware problem occurs, we know that our information is safe in our backup copies. But what happens when we back up a large amount of files to many discs and we urgently need to find an important file? Most likely we will need to make a deep search in our discs, one by one. With Visual CD you can avoid these large and tedious searches because it can create catalogs of your disks, automatically indexing your media storage content so you can search for your information without having to use your physical discs.

If you want to search for some file, you only have to open the program's search window, select the catalog or catalogs you need, and enter the name of the file you are looking for. The program will not only show the file names found, but also the information found inside folder names, comments, mp3 tags, zip files, rar files, ace files, and cab files. Also, you can refine your search by introducing the file size and modification date. Additionally, Visual CD allows you to create password-protected folders. And you can choose to catalog thumbnails of pictures, videos, executable files, and icon files. The disadvantage of cataloging thumbnails of video files is that they don't work with CD/DVD media types, and cataloging thumbnails could cause the indexing process to run slower.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • After cataloging your disks, you can search inside your catalogs instead of using your discs


  • Cataloging thumbnails of pictures, video files, executable files, and icon files could cause the indexing process to run slower
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